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Nothelle-Coupe Kamei, development and construction in 70 days Development and construction in 70 days! These detailed specifications of the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe writes Rolf Nothelle for the proposed motor sports fan, it was an extraordinary performance from the team Nothelle, the Audi Coupe in only 70 days to develop and build. History of Audi Coupe, Urquattro: The Audi Coupe Typ81 with 4 + 5 cylinder Audi engine and front wheel drive was introduced in 1980 and produced. The high-volume Audi Coupe was the basic support for the Audi ur-Quattro of 1980, in Geneva, the world public. Audi Coupe and Urquattro, the basis for rallying and racing. At Audi Motorsport 1980 preparations were being made and the Audi Urquattro developments for use in the World Rally Championship 1981 Audi motor sport was interested in working together Audi tuners that use the Audi coupe with front-wheel drive on the racetrack Audi Coupe in the racing trophy. The racing championship was made for it, 1981 was the series with Gr.5 fought race cars. The so-called silhouette formula. Within this championship, which started with their own standings racing trophy. Which was advertised for vehicles, size 2 to 2.0 liter. Displacement. For the Audi Coupe was predestined. Rolf Nothelle was able to build on the capabilities of the Audi coupe in this class winning car convinced. Development and construction of the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe. Development and construction of the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe in 70 days. Commencement of work was 11 January 1981, the first race in Zolder 22nd March. So just 70 day`s The Nothelle team had the task of showing that a 2.0ltr. 5 Cyl. Audi was able to defeat two-valve engine, in-Nothelle Coupe with front wheel drive,against the Ford and Toyota with 4-valve engines and BMW 320th Here Rolf Nothelle describes the important phases of development and construction of the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe in a short and interesting form. It was provided by Nothelle team performance in the motor sport, where impossible things are usually done immediately, occupies a special position. It was clear that had to be pulled all the stops with the optimal solutions for every detail. The principal officer, Rolf Nothelle for frame and body and Henri Lotterer for Nothelle Audi engines have packed themselves alone can not deal with the development of the Audi Coupe, Henri Lotterer was responsible also for the many customers engines and Rolf Nothelle for the overall management of the company. Probably on the 11th Hansi Kreische January, has made his way to pick up the bodyshell of the Coupe Audi in Ingolstadt. Of 11 January, were given all the drawings and plans to complete free. Homologation, an important prerequisite for success. Homologation of the major components from Audi’s motor sport. Related to the development of the Audi rally Urquattro for the World Rally Championship, the Audi motorsport engineers have done a lot of thought, which is a stable and fast racing rally device used. The Audi Coupe front wheel drive model was the technical basis for the original quattro Audi, many parts were identical. Audi’s motorsport engineers were so friendly and so far as possible, let the special parts of the original quattro Audi directly homologated for the front-wheel drive model. That was the success of the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe one of the important prerequisites Body and cage At 12-13. January was the body in the Nothelle workshop, immediately became the bodyshell of the Audi Coupe edited. Wheel arches cut larger, and other works that were necessary. 2-3 days later loaded onto the raw car and brought to the company in Matter Graben-Neudorf for the installation of the roll cage. Audi Motorsport had existed before the development of the roll cage for the rally at the company Urquattro Matter in order. The cage was so intrigued in the body that the body was stiffened considerably, very important for the rally Urquattro, but also for the Nothelle coupe. Rolf Nothelle Audi wanted to bring this coupe as well a front-wheel drive with even the 5.Zyl. Could be motor from the front axle. That was only possible with a very good suspension and a rigid body optimal engine technology as an absolute prerequisite. For this reason, there was no alternative to this cage. The big drawback, the company Matter needed to work approximately 14 days. Transport time is not expected. So were the pick of the body cage and completion of 70 consumes about 30 days Paintwork The next big time-eater was the elaborate finish of the Nothelle-Coupe Kamei, our “designer and art director,” Lutz Fleischmann (who had a hairdressing salon), has the shape of the masking tape and painting days and nights. The effort was worth it, the painting was unique. Unless Rolf Nothelle recalls. the project has consumed paint for 14 days. Time to train the first Race about 25 days. Engine Bosch high-pressure Kugelfischer Einspritzpumpe.For the 5 cyl. Audi’s engine was so far no mechanical high-pressure injection pump. The pump was of Audi Motorsport 1980 well designed with regard to the Quattro rally. Audi motor sport has not used these mechanical injection pump, but now we had it at our disposal. Drawing from the intake manifold and a flat slider. Manufacture of tools and casting the intake manifold and a flat slider. Cylinder head with maximum cross sections are always too small, not simply in a cylinder bore of 80 mm and are parallel valves. Valve engine of the Audi engine to 9,500 U / min. Procurement of the engine camshaft according to the ideas of engine chief Henri Lotterer, max power projected to 8700-9000 U / min. The camshaft manufacturer should not be one of the usual well-known manufacturers. (Competitive advantage). This could be realized. Nimonic valves and valve springs at the company Schmitthelm ordered. The company Wirtz excellent tool in Krefeld, then made a lot of special parts for the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe. Crankshaft lot easier. Almost all mechanical parts to produce, were manufactured at Wirtz tool. 2-disc clutch of the firm Sachs dry sump lubrication, could there back to the Audi development for the rally Urquattro used werden.Henri Lotterer it did not take that one to yourself and exhaust ports and cylinder head were milled .Motorblock selected parts of Audi Motorsport.; The parts were of course not all immediately available, but had to part long delivery times. The fresh cast intake manifolds and flat slide did not come until the last week before the race. Thus came, as it must, the engine was taken the Friday before the race from the test stand and installed. Transmission Racing transmission with limited slip differential: Is thank God for Audi Motorsport delivered. A big worry less. brakes Brakes: Girling The company with the motor sport manager, Mr. Deuser was, as always with advice and assistance on the spot. Front spoiler and fender flares For the new Audi coupe was still nothing from the suppliers on the market. So a conventional Audi Coupe dealer when purchased and brought to the company Evex in Solingen. Mr. Hentschel has modeled with Rolf Nothelle the fender flares, with the striking rear commas (less air resistance) to the extensions and the front spoiler to the ideas of Rolf Nothelle and manufactured. The Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe should be a conscious effort with the front of the bumper. By extending the bumper was a better aerodynamic spoiler at the end inclined to the side and above to be developed. (See the difference Kilian and Willi Bergmeister Audi Coupe, track test rally racing). Suspension The chassis in combination with the tire has a particularly large influence on the lap time and most importantly, run over to the finish line will be the driving behavior as constant as possible. This was a special challenge for Rolf Nothelle, who is 15, January has made it all the suspension parts to draw and has been in production. The suspension springs were manufactured at the company H & R Special springs and shock absorbers at the Sachs Company. Completion Audi Coupe The entire chassis, brake and Kotfflgelverbreiterungen, Nothelle front spoiler of coupe-Kamei has made the least problems in terms of delivery time. Just as the body back from the painter was able to begin to install the chassis and brakes. The following work quickly made progress and there were hardly any problems. Installation of dry-sump system in the vehicle. engine oilcooler installed at the rear on the lower vehicle floor. (The first three races so used). Amaturen installed and wiring harness manufactured and installed. Battery in the trunk and circuit breakers installed. Pedals installed and extended to the rear. Bernd was not the lightest, so has the disadvantage, at least in part to an advantage. Shift linkage installed. Seat installed. Door panels made from thin fabric with a light carrier and installed. General work on the building (trims, rubbers, lights, hood mount, glazing installed). Ignition system with consequences Bosch TSZ ignition system with electronic speed limiter fitted and wired. (This should still play a special role). Fuel system Fuel pumps with all hoses and catch tank fitted. Rubber fuel tank fitted with new fixtures. The fuel pumping system was complete. duplicated, (6 pumps), a system should fail, the driver was the second Activating the system. engine cooling Water cooler for the front before the engine can make and install. Make water pipes, as far as possible without engine, the rest is fitted when engine. Final assembly Mr. Hentschel has Evex from the extremely fast development and tooling for the front spoiler and fender flares pulled through and delivered very quickly. The parts were made in excellent quality, so the painter was not quite as much work. 2-3 days, it was anyway. Fender flares and front spoiler to the Rolf Nothelle-Coupe-grown, mounted wheels, the Nothelle-Kamei-Coupe was the first time on its wheels. Exciting moment, is the height of the front spoiler and wheel arches have been calculated correctly. Adjust the wheels. 3 mechanics replaced the engine compartment, the weight of the Nothelle Audi race engine and gearbox. It fit everything perfectly. The vehicle was then measured immediately. Later it was no more time, it was already clear to all involved. The designer Lutz Fleischmann made to work with the pasting of stickers and tape from the pasting dividing lines on the front grill alone has cost a couple of hours. The visible growth of the racing cars was a good motivation for the team Nothelle many overtime hours worked. The major problem areas with regard to delivery times were, the intake manifold and the flat slide. Two motors were installed to complete the intake manifold and the flat slide. The parts were finally in the mid-week (the week ending race date). Henri has adjusted the intake manifold on the head and the final assembly could begin. Injection lines made, make slide actuation. Cosworth intake manifold mounted with Alpina-holder for the extra injectors mounted on the top inlet. The first test run Nothelle Audi engine installed on the test, prime oil pressure, fuel vent system. Start, the engine started and ran flawlessly. After three minutes off, everything controlled. then a new start, to warm up. Henri made a mixture and ignition. The engine purred Nothelle wonderful, a great sound, then turn off, tighten the cylinder head. Start the intake process for over 2 hours, more would not give the schedule. Then the exciting moment, the full throttle tuning and measurement. The initial speed with full load, 6000 r / min, 7000, 8000, 8500, 8,800, 9,000, 9,300 rpm / he holds. The performance curve remains stable at 8.500-8.800U/min and bends down slowly. Min 240HP at 8500-8800 U /. Fantastic. The effort has paid off. Henri Lotterer and the Nothelle team have built a very good piece of engine technology, it also visually a deligh

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